An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Switching Cat’s Food in 7 Days

Cat owners need to know that the menu should be gradually changed to prevent your cat from getting stomachache or any danger that could happen by following these easy-to-follow tips, and it will take only 7 days to complete!

“Meat & Potato” Dog Snack Recipe for Perfect After Work Out

You don’t need to be a great cook to rustle up tasty dog treats in no time; you just need to be a discerning and loving doggie daddy or fur mama, like this menu “Meat & Potato” it can be an easy recipe and a perfect post work-out snack for your pet dog.

Banana-Almond Treats Recipe for your Beloved Puppies

These will help you a great deal while training your pup. Also, a little over-eating can be over-looked with this healthful homemade delicacy.

Special Homemade Dish for Little Pups “Almond Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Snack”

Having real control on what all enters our dogs’ tummies calls for preparing a snack or two with our very own hands. Though it might be a bit time-consuming process to prepare all these stuffs, all the efforts are worth it for your pooch to stay healthy. 

Prebiotics for Dogs — A Dog Parent’s Primer

It’s now well known that probiotics are friendly forms of bacteria that live in the intestines and can improve our health in several ways — and now, they’re not just for humans. Many veterinarians recommend probiotics for dogs for everything from treating digestive conditions to boosting the immune system. But in order to fully reap the benefits of probiotics for dogs, experts say prebiotics for dogs may be equally important.

How Coconut Oil Benefits Your Dog’s Health

An important ingredient in America’s processed foods for most of the 20th century, coconut oil is one of the world’s few saturated-fat vegetable oils.

What Are the Benefits of Feeding Wet Dog Food?

If you have a dog who’s a fussy eater, you may be losing patience trying to find a dog food your canine will love and continue to enjoy. Mixing up mealtime with some wet dog food can help tempt your canine back to his bowl. 

13 Superfoods that are Safe for Dogs

Superfoods for dogs can be very beneficial for promoting digestive health, healthy skin and coat and improve your dogs immune system.

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